Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Friendvox - Facebook Chat Client

You may have heard of a chat client coming to Facebook called Friendvox developed by Currently the application is available for use but still in Alpha. We heard from one of the creators of this app and he said

the app does work - but very slooowly at the moment. This is due to server
issues. We weren't expecting the response we got.

As a result we're
revamping it completely. And promise that very soon, it will be far better than
it is now.

Seems that Friendvox is going to be redeveloped from the group up. Besides for chatting, Friendvox seems to be a "Remote Control" for facebook. You can get updates about plenty of things about your Facebook account including Facebook Inbox, Friend Requests, Pokes, Shares, Groups and Events.

The application is unusable in it's current state but we'll give the developers some more time to get us a working version.

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