Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Apples implementation of OTA Downloads of Podcasts is sub-par

I really wanted to give Apples implementation of OTA downloading of Podcasts a chance. Since the release of 2.2 firmware, I tried using the built in podcast player on the iPhone. After attempting to download podcasts, several thoughts come to mind on this quirky and rushed implementation. Where is the syncing? and Why the limit of cellular network downloads to 10 MB? Downloading 1 podcast at a time while jumping between the iTunes mobile store app and the iTunes mobile app was not what I had in my. After attempting to download 2 twit podcasts and 1 buzz out loud podcast, the twit podcast failed to download (I got an error message), the buzz out loud podcast would not download because it was over 10MB. I don't even subscribe to a podcast smaller then 10 MB and I don't have wifi at work (where I need to download most) so this update is completely useless to me. Does anyone else feel the same or is anyone actually content with how Apple has implemented OTA downloads.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Podcaster Holiday Special

The holidays got us in such a good mood that we are giving special holiday pricing. Get Podcaster today for only 99 cents. Enjoy the program and have a safe and happy holidays.