Friday, May 02, 2008

1 App Day in May has begun

1 App A Day in May is 2 days in and going great so far.

May 1st I made a game. Who wants to be Rich? I usually don't make games so it was a nice switch. My partner (wife) and I had decided that we would post each app into Apples web app directory and so we posted the first app. The next day, it was up and it was nice to see that it got a Staff Pick. I definitely want to make more games so I am open for ideas, we still have 28 or 29 days ahead so there is plenty of time to get creative.

May 2nd, day 2 was Brush Timer. The way I see it is that I want one of those smart toothbrushes that tells you where to brush and for how long. I can't really afford a good one but why do I need to buy it when I can just make one using this great gadget (iPhone) as the brain. I hope everyone gets a lot of use out of it. I use it every day and my teeth have never been cleaner. My dentist would be proud.

Due to popular demand, I will be making some great apps that will incorporate Flickr and/or Twitter.

I just want to put in a good word for Barry Velasquez, a great programmer that has created a cool list tool. Check out a list of my may apps at

I still use everyday and it seems that about 3,000 to 5,000 other people use it daily as well. I am still having problems with server unavailable messages. I have not looked into the problem for a few weeks and I think it will have to wait for the rest of the month. Sorry but I just don't have time. I did find a small bug with sharing and so I upgraded that feature to send out a nice formatted email.

Goodbye for now


Anonymous said...

Hi. Who want to be rich is quite fun, but there are mistakes in a some of the answers. For example, in the question of what sport does Tiger Woods play, your game gives the answer of baseball as the correct answer. We all know that's wrong, he plays rugby ;). Anyway, do you moderate the questions and answers, or do questions and answers enter the queue unchecked? Just checking, thanks.

Almerica said...

I do moderate all the questions. At this point I am getting about 500 questions a day so I'm a bit slow to put all of them up. About 5% are bogus questions but the rest are fine. I try to correct the mistakes as quickly as possible and I will correct this one. I guess you are kidding when you say Tiger woods plays rugby, I will change it to the correct answer (gold).