Thursday, September 04, 2008

Still waiting, No word from Apple

It has been almost 3 weeks since I first submitted Podcaster to the App store. Since then, I have made numerous improvements. They include correctly reading redirected url, abiliy to download any length file, no more 40 MB limit, resuming partial downloads, a more user friendly podcast directory, an auto sync feature that will download the most current 10 podcasts while deleting any older items, downloaded audio podcasts now play in the background so you can browse show notes. That doesn't include the dozens of bugs that I had to work out. I really want to give it up to the testers. You guys really came through and got this app worked out. So to sum it up, Podcaster is working great. All the functions seem to be performing the intended function.

Now for some bad news, Podcaster is still waiting to be approved. It has NOT been rejected. It's just sitting there, wont let me push an update until it is approved. Apple needs to get a few more employees, I think, so they can test apps faster. I don't feel that it's really fare to me or to you (The users). Podcaster is actually something useful. I don't really need my phone to tell me how fast I am going in the car? I suggest there should be a new approval process. 100 users get the app and get to use it and vote on it (Similar to testing it, but each user votes Ready or Not Ready) Once the majority of the users says yes, it gets approved. I am sure that would eliminate a lot of waiting and improperly executed apps.

I have also been given a shout out on several podcasts. They include episode 785 or Buzz Out Loud, Episode 39 and Episode 40 of Australian Talk. In the upcoming weeks, I will be appearing in another mac podcast this time talking about Podcaster and macs in general. Previously, I spent an entire Episode talking with Cami Kaos and Dr Normal about podcaster web app on this episode of Strange Love: Tech Edition.

One last thing, I don't have any open ad hoc spots left. Please stop sending me requests. I have been just keeping them "just in case" I get more spots later. I have been thinking of a good way to rotate users that become inactive so tell me what you think of this. I will setup a page that you enter your UDID into, then you have to check in 1 time a week(or so) and reenter the UDID, this way, if you don't come back, the key gets reset and someone else gets it. Nothing like this is currently in place so this is a great time for comments.

Let's hope Podcaster gets approved soon.
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UPDATE: Now is a great time to setup your podcast list so when Podcaster does get released, you can quickly import. Just sign up for an account at, then follow instructions at to import from iTunes. You will later use this account to import to Podcaster iPhone app.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the update. :) I sent you an email yesterday, but I thought I'd post my question here too...

"The main podcast I listen to is a radio show that is broken into around 10 different segments because they cut out the commercials. Is there a way to string these segments together and in a particular order when listening? I'd like to hear the show from the beginning to the end, not the other way around."

Thanks for considering this feature.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Alex.
Hope that Apple will approve it soon. Can't wait to pay for it in the app store.

You did a fantastic job with the web site, but I love to store my podcasts, so I can listen to them regardless where I am.

You should also consider promoting it with the podcast 'GeekNewsCentral'. They have a large following list and many use the iphone like me to listen to all kinds of podcasts.

CamiKaos said...

I look forward to it being approved soon, it's DrNormal's favorite app!

Hopefully we can talk about it on another episode of Strange Love Live?

Anonymous said...

The app has really come a long way in a short time! Hopefully we'll see it posted in the app store for all to enjoy. Even with so little extra time available right now, I'm glad I was able to help beta test and investigate the Libsyn/URL re-direct issue with you one morning while getting ready for work. :)

Dr Normal

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on Podcaster..been looking for it regularly after hearing it on MacTalk [Australia]

Eric said...

My concern would be that Apple hasn't approved it because they plan to add this feature to iTunes (or fear competition with iTunes). That is one of the unfortunate drawbacks to having to get Apple's say-so before pushing an app to the store. Unfortunately, they seem to reserve the right to prevent apps which would be competitive with their own (anyone think we'll see an Amazon mp3 app?). Having to sync with my desktop is so absurd, but so are so many other limitations of the iPhone - in place not because the phone can't do it, but be cause Apple won't.

I hope you are able to get this app out soon. I know there are lots of users like myself who can't wait to buy it!

Kim S said...

Eric, I tend to agree with you. Ever since I started this app, I always had a feeling that apple might be working on the same thing. If we dont get this functionality on Sep 9 event, then I think I am in the clear for a few months.