Friday, January 25, 2008

Diggnation Podcast

We have had several weeks without Diggnation on Podcaster but that's all over. Diggnation is now fully operational.

For anyone adding podcasts to Podcaster, try to get something that works natively with macs.

We also launched a new interface. I think it looks nice. I would love you hear your opinions on it. If you want more features, just email me or post comments here so every can talk about it. Until next time, keep listening.

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Kim S said...

I have been using podcaster from the very beginning, and it has come along way since the first time I registered. In the new version of podcaster, the log in issue has been resolved. We are also able to add tags. In which I think is great. It is important to remember that podcaster does not take up space on your iphone, which leaves room for more photos or music or videos. Also, works pretty fast over edge.