Friday, January 25, 2008

Podcaster Updates

We have been working hard to really finish Podcaster. We have added a slew of new features. We will review those later but first I would like to talk about the "Deleted Podcast Fiasco".

Some of you might have noticed that today, Buzz out loud and some other podcasts have gone missing from your podcast list. That's because of a bug that has been fixed. Buzz out loud and other podcasts are working and will not be deleted in the future.

Updates to Podcast Directory.

We have made several changes to the podcast directory that make it more user friendly. First, you will notice that when clicking on a podcast, you are taken to a new page that shows you the podcast details. You have the option of listening to the most current episode and subscribing. We also added the ability to load more top podcasts. If you scroll to the bottom of the list, you will see a "Show 25 More" button. You can also see the language of the podcast when viewing details.

Our crawler has been updated to crawl hourly. We also have been able to crawl several podcasts that did not work before.

We also made several changes to the podcast details page. The one you might notice is the last updated on date. This is the last crawl date.

Soon we will have a stable version and we can finally bud it version 1.

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