Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Podcaster 1.1 Update Now Available

Podcaster 1.1 is ready.

Available for install using a jail broken device. We are located in the Cydia installer. Listed in entertainment by modmyi. For those of you that are not familiar with Cydia, it is an alternative to the AppStore. You can use QuickPwn (windows download or mac download) to jailbreak your device and get Cydia store and store. It only takes a few minutes and preserves all settings and apps. Users that already have Podcaster, you will be able to download an updated version and use iTunes to install it. If you didn't get an email about the update, you will very soon.

We are releasing the app as a 14 day free trial. You can purchase an activation code at

What did we update?
We had several reports of podcasts not playing after being downloaded. We have build in a way to play podcasts using the quicktime media player. This solved the problem until we can find a more elegant solution. We also brought back the "play in safari" button. I'm not sure if I can get audio to play in the background but at least this is a step in the right direction. We also made several minor UI changes and added a Pause Downloads button.

We will continue to work hard on this project so if you have suggestions, email them to me at

In other news, I have been a guest on several podcasts over the past few weeks. Check out iPhone Alley Podcaste episode 22 and MyMac podcast, espideo 201. It was really a good time and I am glad that I had a chance to talk to then.

As always, you can follow what's going on with development of Podcaster at

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