Friday, November 21, 2008

Podcaster 1.4 Update

Podcaster 1.4 Update

An update to Podcaster has arrived. We will be releasing it to all our users in the upcoming days. Here is what you can expect in the update. No more 14 day trial, instead, we have limited trial users to 3 subscriptions, maximum, without expiration. Paid users will not have this limitation.

  • Added Setting tab
  • Sync options (Automatically downloads and deletes)
  • Auto continue on end of Podcast
  • Recovery Mode - Gets activated when program cannot start up properly
  • News icons and titles of tab bar
  • Made the app more colorful to make it stand out from other apps, including Apple
  • Made start up faster (First time is a bit slow, but after that, much faster then now)
  • Uploads podcast data to for interactive map. If a username and password are entered, then your username will be uploaded along with the podcast. If not, the data uploaded will be anonymous. Location accuracy set to 1 kilometer.
  • Sync with, keeps podcast lists identical (A good backup of your subscriptions)
  • Made font bigger for my podcasts
  • Import text boxes do not clear themselves
  • Added indicator of how much space is remaining on the iPhone
  • Removed get 3 button
  • Limited importing to 25 items per podcast (Helps with feeds that have 100's of items in them)
  • No more tabs on search page
  • No longer show blue dot/podcast type (video or audio) in My Podcasts . Still displayed in drill down
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