Friday, January 23, 2009

Podcasters younger sibling accepted into app store

I have been working on an app very similar to Podcaster. It is called RssPlayer and it can be downloaded from the app store at

It is basically Podcaster without the Search Directory. You must import and OPML or RSS feed. It has several features that Podcaster does not. Remebers your last play position in audio even when streaming. Follows human interface guidelines more closely. More Stable.

You can


Anonymous said...

ur app in cydia wont properly uninstall. the safari browser plugin persists even after uninstalling!!

Anonymous said...

Are you planning on having any discount/free upgrades/downgrades for existing paid Podcaster users?

Anonymous said...

Please have some migration path - I bought Podcaster partially on the promise of improvements. It's working pretty well now, but could be more stable.


Unknown said...

ditto, i paid the $10.


Anonymous said...


Podcaster nis really handy

i used it on a recent trip to israel and the middle east

very handy if you want to refill your podcastfiles

if you are within WIFI range then often its easier to go via the URL to the podcast providors`s webpage

However if you are away from itunes and planning on going to a non wifi location then this is ideal
Tank it up whilst in WIFI range then listen later at your leasure

Almerica said...

Please read my post at It will explain a bit about how I am going to transition users. It will happen when 1.1 posts to the app store.

rupiawan said...

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